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ballarini sas - piazza cavour 2 - 16039 sestri levante (ge)   - 

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la Sciamadda dei vinaccieri Ballerini

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Sciamadda dei Vinaccieri Ballerini is the result of a curious mix of Ligurian, Tunisian (the name derives from the island of Tabarca) and Sardinian cuisine. It is a story full of magic, curiosity, sacrifice, gambling, sweat, and migration.


In 1542, on the island of Tabarca (near Tunisia), a community of Ligurians (The Pegliesi people to be precise), who were expert coral fishermen, settled. Two centuries later (1738), due to the deterioration of the banks and the difficult of relationships with the local population, part of this colony moved to Sardinia. With the consent of Carlo Emanuele III of Savoy, they founded Carloforte, a new municipality on the island of San Pietro. The name, Carloforte was chosen in honor of the king. Later, other Tabarchini  people settled in nearby Sant'Antioco, founding Calasetta. The two islands, together with other islets, formed the Sulcis archipelago.


Ligurian visitors will be impressed listening to the Tabarchino, “a Genoese language with sounds from the western coast and with a  slightly Sardinian accent”. They were expert coral gatherers and also became specialists in the processing of tuna. The original “tonnara” has been active in Carloforte since 1738.


The Tabarchine cuisine, sincere and genuine, is the result of tasty and original mixes of three different flavors with the main Ligurian influences (pesto, fugasse, panissa, fainè).  


You also have dishes that have been strongly influenced by Tunisian traditions, such as Cascà (a vegetable couscous). However, the undisputed king, is tuna, of which almost everything is eaten (stomach, esophagus, heart).


Our menus are basic with a preference, of course, for fish dishes. Some examples area chickpea porridge, typical of the Genoese tradition, the classic Crescenza cheese, Pesto  Lasagna alla Tabarchina (Lasagna made with tuna, tomato and pesto) and Fish Cascà with vegetables.


All the details of this gastronomic adventure can be recognized in the design of the Sciamadda dei Vinaccieri, a place where you can find an imposing carpenter's table, wooden boxes of fruit and vegetables, paintings by emerging artists, an open kitchen and the warmth of staff, committed to service and always smiling. 


(Freely taken from the blog Turisti di Mestiere by Monica Nardella)


Carloforte and the Tabarkina cuisine

The cuisine of the Tabarchini exiles is the result of an emigration that lasted centuries.The combinations of Arabian, Sardinian, Piedmontese and of course Ligurian cuisine have created unique dishes.  


One is the "Cascà", a cross between Arabic “couscous” and Sardinian “fregola”, embellished with a Ligurian-style vegetable stew such as "rattatuia" and flavored with a fish soup flavored with oriental spices still used today by Piedmontese butchers to flavor their cured meats.


Another favorite is the Cassolla, an ancient soup presented in a pan with croutons made from our homemade seafood bread.
The Piana Island Tuna Skewer offers a mixture of spices and is served in a beautiful hanging display.


From the Ligurian gastronomy you can taste Farinate; fried blue fish, Sestri prawns and squid, spaghetti "Mae" baked in foil, and many other dishes including our Tiramisù, the best in the world.
All these specialties can be accompanied by the best Ligurian wines and oils.


From our take out menu, you can enjoy the salami of Castiglione, Chiavarese and Sant'Olcese, vegetable pies, Cappon Magro and many other things from the annexed gastronomy.


The wine collection of the Vinaccieri Andrea and Daniele deserve a separate discussion, a true testimony to an ancient tradition.



La Sciamadda is located in 'Carugio ' the main street of the historic center of Sestri Levante in the province of Genoa , halfway between Portofino and the Cinque Terre, a village to be enjoyed all year round, not only in summer.


It can be reached in a few minutes from the motorway exit or the train station, it is located in the pedestrian area of historic center full of shops and characteristic views, a stone's throw from the Bay of Silence, the most beautiful in the world.

la sciamadda dei vinaccieri ballerini

via xxv aprile 179 - Sestri Levante(Ge)


OPENING hours: 

8.30 - 24.00 ​ always open 


0185 1770787



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