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ballarini sas - piazza cavour 2 - 16039 sestri levante (ge)   - 

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ballarini sas - piazza cavour 2 - 16039 sestri levante (ge)   - 


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terre di liguria sas - corso andrea podesta 12/8 -  genova  

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The Cantina del Polpo was founded in 1989 in the middle of the historic center of Sestri Levante, Italy in a space previously used as a cellar; or a storage for the belongings of the sailors of the time.


It was also used to store large barrels that served as a containers for Aleatico wine which came from the island of Elba.

In fact, there has always been a profitable commercial exchange with the Tuscan island, Elba, especially of oil and wine, which continued until the beginning of the last century.


The Cantina del Polpo has been entirely furnished with relics that belonged to Captain Bregante and other members his family, among which a photo with an autographed dedication by Giuseppe Garibaldi the well known Italian patriot.

Due to its central location, just off the main walking street in Sestri Levante, it is a place where you can taste a good glass of wine with a lunch or dinner based on ancient Ligurian recipes and other original Italian gastronomical delights.


The wine list contains about one hundred and fifty Ligurian producers, a choice that allows you to taste regional wines not exported. We even have some small "forest wine" producers, little known to the wine public but very delicious. The complete selection of wines represent some of the most prestigious national wineries.

We also offer a wide choice of spirits and advise you to consult with our sommelier Emanuele.
In collaboration with the "Amici del Leudo" Association, the Vinaccieri Andrea and Daniele, restarted the wine trade with the Island of Elba in 2012, to continue an ancient trade that was interrupted in 1969.


Only at the Cantina del Polpo, can you taste a Aleatico Wine.


Javier, a young but very experienced chef, who follows the preparation of recipes from all over the Ligurian territory, as well as some goodies based on octopus such as our version of Cappon Magro.

A separate chapter is needed for the desserts, which we have chosen to offer a total tasting of the senses, following the seasons.


Our interpretation of local products, allow our clients free to experience them using their
sensual imagination.


Our team is completed by promising young people who support him in the kitchen with the expertise of those who have learned to cook in the "alleyways", offering special and forgotten dishes, but also thanks to their experiences in multi-starred restaurants, they greet you with elegance, professionalism and great culinary knowledge.

Depending on the availability of the local fish, in addition to the set menu, we offer a series of dishes that make a stop in our restaurant a MUST when visiting Setri Levante.


Emanuele, Javier, Barbara and Andrea are waiting for you!


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A table in the kitchen where you have the chance to taste the specialities of our chefs, but also to experience, the real atmosphere in the kitchen while preparing the food and the explanation: a unique emotion!


The table is located in a point that allows you to see everyone at work and up to 10 people can sit around it.

From this priviledged position you can observe the entire cooking process and the chefs will be at your disposal to show you the dishes they are preparing for you.
You can combine the food with the tasting of wines from our area, for a “complete” immersion in the food and wine Ligurian variety.

It becomes easy to make friends with a company like this
and dishes like that...

The is a unique opportunity to give your Chef’s Table customers that extra touch to make their holiday with you an unforgettable memory.




The Cantina del Polpo is located in the historic center of Sestri Levante in the province of Genoa, halfway between Portofino and the Cinque Terre, a village to be enjoyed all year round, not only in summer, a few minutes from the motorway exit or the train station. 


It is located in the pedestrian area of the historic center, a stone's throw from the Bay of Silence, the most beautiful in the world.

La Cantina del Polpo


Piazza Cavour 2

16039 Sestri Levante (Ge)
Open 10-15  19-23


​day off: Tuesday


0185 485296 


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