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ballarini sas - piazza cavour 2 - 16039 sestri levante (ge)   - 

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ballarini sas - piazza cavour 2 - 16039 sestri levante (ge)   - 

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terre di liguria sas - corso andrea podesta 12/8 -  genova  

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From Nonna Marina’s old recipe, the rediscovery of this focaccia  made of thin layers of pastry, stuffed with traditional flavors, and some original delights from by our chef


Classica – White base that is made with two layers of pastry stuffed with Stracchino Squeri, and our secret seasoning – 11,50


Margherita  – This classic is made with “Costantinopoli” tomato puree and a pinch of oregano – 13,50


Napoletana –  Made with tomato sauce crescenza cheese, chopped anchovies, capers, olives and oregano – 14,50


Regina – Made with tomato sauce with Stracchino Squeri cheese and slices of cured ham “fiocco” – 15,50


Sesta da Oriente – Made with two layers of pastry stuffed with Stracchino Squeri cheese topped with dehydrated Japanese striped tuna fillet. This speciality is a moveable feast – 16,50


Vegetariana – Made with either the classic white filing or the tomato based filling and grilled vegetables – 15,50


Sfiziosa – Made with either the classic white filing or the tomato based filling and Sestri shrimp tartare – 16,50


Pesto  – White base that is made with two layers of pastry stuffed with crescenza Bustaffa, and our secret seasoning and our homemade pesto sauce – 14,50


Principessa del mare – Made with either the classic white filing or the tomato based filling and with “Pinna Gialla” tuna ham – 15,50


Gorgonzola e noci – White base that is made with two layers of pastry stuffed with crescenza Bustaffa, and our secret seasoning with sweet Gorgonzola from Novara and walnuts – 14,50


LA SESTA DI GIULIO "CESARE" CASSINELLI – White base that is made with two layers of pastry stuffed with crescenza Bustaffa, our secret seasoning and filled with  25g of the famous White Alba Truffle cream, 23 carat  gold leaf  and served with a bottle of  Armand de Brignac  Champagne Brut “Gold” – 1.000,00





Starters & Specialities

Ceviche Mediterraneo – A rich selection of sea bream, shrimp from Sestri and “Pinna Gialla” tuna, marinated with lemon, lime, a pinch of chili pepper and American sweet potato – 16,50


Cuculli di baccalà – The historical Genovesi fritter. Made with flour, baccalà (salt fish) and walnut sauce – 14,50


Salumi di mare – Sliced swordfish,“Pinna Gialla” tuna, octopus paté with hot fried pasta – 18,50


Caprese non caprese – Burrata of soft Stracchino Squeri, tomatoes and salted anchovies from Sestri Levante – 14,50


Lilli’s salad – Rucola lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, cured ham, Parmesan cheese shavings – 14,50


Marina’s salad – Rucola lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, “Pinna gialla” tuna ham, Parmesan chesse shavings – 16,50


Mix salad – Selection of green and red lettuces with tomato – 6,50


Vegetable grilled – Grilled zucchini, sweet peppers and eggplant, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of garlic – 7,50


Salami and cheese –The best products by Salumifici “Perazzo” from Castiglione Chiavarese and “Parodi”from Sant’Olcese, two soft cheese from our valleys: Val di Vara e Val d’Aveto and hot fried pasta – 14.50




First Course Dishes

We can offer you gluten-free products and pasta


Lasagna “Sestrina” – Nonno Luigi’s ancient recipe: seafood pasta with octopus and béchamel sauce, baked in the oven – 16,50


"Zembi" – Fish Ravioli – fresh made ravioli pasta filled with fresh tomato sauce, pine nuts and capers – 16,50


"Scribane" – Penne with Seafood Ragout – Made by pastificio Di Martino from Gragnano, prepared al dente, with a red mussel and clams ragout –14,50


Trofie al Pesto – Made by pastificio Leonardi from Genova  with fresh homemade pesto sauce, made every day as Nonna Amelia was used to using Ligurian basil , Grana Padano, Western Liguria’s best extra virgin olive oil and pinenuts from Pisa and garlic, served with potatoes and green beans – 12,50


Pansoti (ravioli di magro) with nut sauce – An ancient almost forgotten traditional dish with a simple stuffing, but with an eclectic taste – 14,50


Calamarata with sea fruits  The best selection from pastificio Di Martino with fresh sea fruits, olive oil, a little of garlic and persil – 18,50


In order for you to have the best experience, we can offer you vegetarian, vegan or gluten free dishes. Please let us know if you have any allergies or intollerances and we will prepare a special dish for you



Main Dishes


Terramare, il fritto – Traditional recipe made with mixed vegetables and fresh shrimp. Everything is fried. The shrimp with the flour and the vegetables in the batter – 20,50


Tegame di Portobello – Anchovies, potatoes, tomatoes and breadcrumb seasoning, baked in the oven – 18,50


Lo spiedo Imperiale di gamberoni - Imperial king prawn skewer with prawns covered with our special seasoned breadcrumbs sed ervwith Venere rice and thyme from Libiola mines – 28,50


Branzino o orata alla ligure - Ligurian style seabass or seabream cooked in a wood oven – 22,50


Buridda rossa – Red tuna “Spezzatino” stewed with mountain potatoes – 18,50


Asado – Punta di petto di vitello arrosto con patate- roasted veal brisket  served with roasted potatoes . A rich and tasty meat plate from Argentina – 20,50


Side Dishes


Mixed salad – 7,50   baked potatoes – 5,50    Grilled vegetables – 9,50             




Tiramisù  genuine traditional recipe of the world’s most famous Italian dessert – 7,50


Allola – Cheesecake – decomposed cheese cake with chocolate and salted caramel – 7,50


Palula – bonet (ligurian pudding) – with ancient caramel sauce – 7,50


Yak – la panna cotta – with cocco and mango sauce, an awesome recipe born by chance – 7,50 


Nutella - Schiacciata dolce – Our schiacciata and the world’s most famous nut cream… Nutella – 8,50


Strawberry fields… forever! – The warm Cheese Cake of crushed wheat, cream cheese mousse, strawberries, biscuit crumble, Mou sauce and caramel. A dessert to be shared by two to four people – 12.50


Our bread and service – 3,00





Spritz – 5,50


Select Spritz – 5,50


Campari Spritz – 5,50


Hugo Spritz – 5,50



Camatti Spritz – 5,50





The Story of the Vinaccieri


Vinacciere, is an old Genovese word for a person who selected and collected wines from the countryside of Italy to bring to the Ligurian region towns using a special boat called a “Leudo”. This tradition started in middle ages, because the town of Genoa did not allow other towns to have a harbor to receive food, wine and goods.


The Vinaccieri used to trade wine in a boat called a “Leudo”. This boat brought wines to Cinque Terre villages, Elba island, Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. The Leudo boat’s special design allows it to carry many goods and go into shallow water or even land on a beach. It was the perfect solution to bring goods to these places. The last Leudo in activity, the “Nuovo aiuto di Dio”, lives in the Sestri Levante harbor.


Listening to old stories, The Ballarini Brothers decided to revive this wonderful marine tradition of the past by bringing wines to many. Their collection of unique Italian wines offer guests some of the most amazing tastes.


The Ballarini Brothers Andrea and Daniele have transformed this special merchant trade of Vinaccieri into an elegant art form of selecting and collecting wines from all over Italy and bringing them to their home of Sestri Levante in Liguria for their clients. In so doing, they have rekindled this amazing tradition of Vinaccieri.


Some examples of their wines are the wines aged in the most ancient European bronze mine in Masso, near Sestri Levante, or the precious handmade beers made from secret recipes with an infusion of spontaneous herbs created by the collaboration with Elisa e Simona and their brewery in Val di Vara.

We bring the best Italian wines to you!



White wine and Sparkling wine


Navigato Bianco – I Vinaccieri & Cantine Levante – 21,50

Produced with different grapes (Vermentino and others). It's the wine of our traditione, dry and with character 


Tram – Vinaccieri and Cantine Levante – 22,50

Vinaccieri with Luca de Paoli mixed Vermentino and Traminer grapes. A successful experiment bringing body and perfume.


Arneis "AES" – I Vinaccieri & Umberto Fia – 21,50

This Arneis grape from Langhe called White Nebbiolo, to testify its importance. This wine offers a strong citrus perfume with hints almond, pear, white flowers and aromatic herbs.


Levantino – Bianco – I Vinaccieri – 19,50

Our simple wine, really light, really good


Bolle – Vino Spumante Extra Dry – I Vinaccieri – 22,50

A pleasant unique sparkling wine made from Pinot and Chardonnay grapes selected by the experts Daniele and Andrea.


Kava – Vino di Miniera – metodo classico – I Vinaccieri & Umberto Fia – 32,50

Vinaccieri Daniele and Andrea Speciality - Using a Pinot Noir grape this sparkling wine is produced following the same methods as the French classified Champagne wine. It is aged for 36 months in the Piedmonte, Italy. It is then moved to the Mines of Masso for it’s final aging process of 12 months. 

It offers a unique taste and experience. It’s taste beautifully combines hints of Vanilla, bread crust, and Camomille flower. It is pale yellow in color with fine “perlage” bubbles.


Kaligo – Vino spumante brut – metodo classico non filtrato – I Vinaccieri & Umberto Fia – 30,50

This wine is the same as the Kava with the only exception that it is not filtered.


Red Wine

Uvae – Rosso – I Vinaccieri – 19,50

Made from San Giovese grapes. This wine offers an honest and sincere taste. Chosen for the Vinaccieri selection of wines.


Rosso della Miniera – I Vinaccieri – 21,50

Made from San Giovese grapes aged in bottles in the oldest bronze mine of Masso, Italy.

This was the first wine to ever be aged in this mine.


Sulphur - Rosso della Miniera – I Vinaccieri – 28,50

The signature wine of the Vinaccieri Andrea and Daniele. A San Giovese aged in amphora.


La "Barbera" – I Vinaccieri & Umberto Fia – 21,50

An impetuous and aggressive grape like Andrea! One of the most common red grapes in Italy. Red ruby, intense, with a full body.     


Diaspro – I Vinaccieri & Umberto Fia – 24,50

From Nebbiolo grapes, an extraordinary rich wine. Dry taste with medium acidity offering a light Almond and full body taste… Incredible.


Barbaresco Rubrum – I Vinaccieri & Umberto Fia – 30,50

Spectacular Barbaresco. Aged in bottles in the mine of Masso, Italy.  This wine offers a dry armonic taste. It has a smooth red fruit bouquet, with hints of violet, tobacco and cacao.




Spritz – 5,50


Select Spritz – 5,50


Campari Spritz – 5,50


Hugo Spritz – 5,50


Camatti Spritz – 5,50




Coffe & C.

Caffè, Barley Coffee – 2,00


Caffè corretto / short coffee – 3,50


Caffè decaffeinato/ Decaffeinate coffee – 2,50


Cappuccino – 3,00


The – 3,00


Amaro o grappa – 3,50


Acque, Bibite, Vini a bicchiere


Acqua naturale e gassata/ natural and sparkling water 1 Litro – 2,50


Coca Cola – Coca Cola Zero –  3,00


Fanta –  3,30


Vino della casa a bicchiere – a glass of house wine (Levantino, Uvae) – 4,50


Vino bianco a bicchiere – a glass of white wine – 6,00


Vino rosso a bicchiere – A glass of red wine – 6,00


Malvasia (glass) sweet wine – 6,00


Small Beer Ichnusa (pression) – 3,50


Large beer Ichnusa (pression) – 6,00


A seconda delle disponibilità giornaliere, nel rispetto delle normative vigenti, vi informiamo del fatto che tutti i prodotti serviti potranno essere freschi, surgelati o nel caso di prodotti ittici anche freschi di barca da noi abbattuti e conservati surgelati. Tutto il pesce crudo servito in questo locale è stato termicamente abbattuto come previsto dal regolamento CE853/2004. Per qualsiasi informazione su sostanze ed allergeni è possibile consultare l’apposita documentazione che verrà fornita, a richiesta, dal personale di servizio

Prices in euro.



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